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Extinguishers K type

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), prepares the codes that determine the manufacturing, maintenance, recharging and testing performed at fire prevention equipment. Code NFPA # 10 states the following regarding the use and location of fire extinguishers in commercial kitchens:

6.6.1 "Fire extinguishers rated 'K' will be provided for areas
where fire may occur involving cooking fats
animal or plant type. "

6 .6.2 "The travel distance from the fire extinguisher at the risk to
extinno exceed 30 feet. " "dry chemical extinguishers unclassified K [as
ABC] that are in K-class risk areas should be
Class K extinguishers replaced by the time of the next
recharging, hydrostatic testing or internal maintenance. "

Cooking equipment manufactured today are much more efficient than a few years ago. As a result, it cooks faster but at a higher temperature. Cooking oil have also changed a lot. The absence of saturated fat allows the oil to be heated to higher temperatures, which allows food to absorb less fat. These were factors
important when creating the new Class K fires. Prior to that, the fires in kitchens are considered Class B, and therefore accepted 10lbs ABC fire extinguishers to protect the kitchen, but not anymore. The problems of ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers in the kitchen is the temperature. These extinguishers work so that the chemical cloud created by use of fire removes the oxygen and without oxygen, no flame. But oil, fats and cooking equipment are still at high temperature and fire extinguisher that does not have the capacity to decrease, the fire can easily reset causing a greater danger than at the beginning and now the extinguisher is discharged. Here's where the extintoresClase K or 'type K'. These extinguishers contain a chemical liquid composed of certain organic or inorganic salts that react with the heat of the grease, oil and cooking equipment. This chemical reaction creates a thick layer of foam that insulates the flames of fuel (in this case the oil and / or cooking equipment) and low temperature to prevent re-ignition.

These extinguishers should be in commercial kitchen instalarce whether or not fitted with a hood and automatic fire suppression system. That said, when there is automatic suppression system, fire extinguisher should be used only after the suppression system has been activated and not before.
Some people argue that in a kitchen fire could occur as Class A (paper, wood, cloth, cardboard, plastic) and Class C (electrical). And so, it may happen. That's why in every restaurant should have, besides the K type extinguisher for the kitchen, ABC fire extinguishers to cover the rest of the room, but not to protect the cooking area. In the cooking area should be accessible only Type K fire extinguisher This will prevent using the wrong extinguisher on a real emergency.
Xtintores the South East, working with K type extinguishers Amerex brand, one of the largest manufacturers of fire protection equipment. These extinguishers have an excellent reputation for service, as well as being backed by an excellent six-year warranty.



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