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Manta's fire-extinguishers

Only they had passed 9 minutes of the new year when the firemen of Blanket received a call being alert on a fire in the center of the port manabita. Concerning minutes, the radiance of the fire was spied from the whole city.

 Initially three units came bomberiles, which verified the magnitude of the fire that was consuming the store The Original Zurita, a traditional hardware store which infrastructure of more than 400 square meters was in flames.

 00:12, the fire received from them major magnitude, for what there came all the units of the redcoat of Blanket, twelve in total. Also there was asked the collaboration of two Portoviejo's units, two of Montecristi and one of Panama hat and Jaramijó, as well as two of the Direction of Civil Aviation.

The Police corded two stables to the semibreve to allow the work of the firemen, who were fighting to control the flames before that were contaminating other bordering places, as stores of plastic products, a Tía and other business.

 Witnesses indicated that the languages of fire reached more than 15 meters of height, due to the inflammable material that there was in the hardware store, as thinner, fabrics of drapery, sponges, material of cabinet-making and paintings. Everything was consumed by the fire, inclusive a truck with merchandise that was in the later door, where the scourge would have begun.

The emergency was controlled to them 04:30. The firemen continued throwing water in small smoking areas, but to them 11:00 a tank exploited and the flash him caused slight burns in the face to the fireman Bryan Lopez. The losses are calculated in a million dollars.

 Origin. Local neighbors said that unknown they used bush fished, that is a quarter of a plug of dynamite, to exploit the puppets. A spark apparently entered to the place and originated the fire. This one is a hypothesis that the witnesses handle.

Step. Marcelo Zurita, owner of the company Serinsa S.A., owner of the destroyed place, did not accept the support of the Municipality to demolish the building. This due to the fact that the store possesses an insurance and in the next hours an inspection will be done by the firemen. Zurita said that it possesses the information of what had in the place.



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