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Controls in warehouses and factories near Daule seek to prevent more fires.

After two fires in less than 24 hours in the industrial area of ​​Guayaquil, at the end of last week, the authorities carry out checks to verify that warehouses and factories operating in this sector to comply with fire safety measures.

Meanwhile, back to normal around the cellar Ecuaquímica, that caught fire last week. At that site more than 200 veterinary items, which created a toxic cloud were stored. Therefore, the Operational Emergency Committee Cantonal lit the alert in the Guayaquil-Daule road.

At the moment, only an area that includes 100-meter radius of the winery remains closed. Patricia Moran fiscal inspected the site to investigate the cause of the blaze.

"That is taken into consideration precautionary mechanisms, prevention, because apparently the smell is perceived here is strong," says Moran.

For its part, the Municipality of Guayaquil, fined with $ 34,000 to the company that owns the facility. Their argument is that the winery work without the rights to.

"They will have a very heavy fine, they will be punished, and was sent to notify the general manager so that it enters a case and present here," said Gustavo Zuniga, director of the Corporation of Public Safety.

Well assured that controls and begin operating in the industrial area where operating hundreds of cellars, warehouses and industries. The authorities shall verify that comply with security measures and are working according to the permissions granted.



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