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Kitchen nightmares

A lack of standards for assessing technologies kitchen fire has not stopped manufacturers in developing products for commercial and consumer use . Here is a selection of devices currently on the market , taken from the report of the Research Foundation Fire Protection , "Mitigation of fires in residential kitchens: Evaluation of technology."

Motion detectors :

A motion sensing device determines whether a chef is present when an electric burner lights in the kitchen. If there is no movement , the sensor starts a countdown and sends visible and audible warnings after a certain amount of time. The power is cut to the kitchen if the cook does not respond to alarms. Another motion sensor device closes automatically when the cook stove is not present.

Control and burner temperature sensor Contact:

This device includes a cast iron plate that fits over the burners of electric coils . Another component located inside the kitchen regulates the temperature of the plate so as not to exceed a specific value , thereby preventing ignition of food and other products in a kitchen without attention or care.

Temperature sensor on the kitchen burner control :

A sensor is placed in an exhaust hood that monitors the high temperatures that could indicate overheating or have been left turned on the burners. Once the alarm sounds , another device cuts electricity to the burner of the kitchen.

Smoke detection with burner control :

Equipped either with a photoelectric smoke alarm or a photoelectric / ionization combined alarm, this product includes an electric control device that cuts electricity to the kitchen when alarms are activated. The electrical control mechanism can be configured to use other alarm devices, including gas , heat, and other smoke detection devices .

Induction grill :

Unlike gas burners and electric coils , induction grills using a magnetic field that produces electric current for heating the cooking of cast iron or stainless steel . Only the cookware is heated and not the cooktop , which reduces the potential for ignition of surrounding materials. Furthermore, the burners can not be turned on accidentally, since the burners operate only when a ferrous cooking utensil is placed on the burner .

Suppression system Kitchen :

Because of its size and cost, these systems are usually used in commercial kitchens and exhaust hoods may include , temperature sensors, water suppression systems or chemicals and the ability to stop the flow of gas burner or electric current . However there are some versions for households that use a heat-activated device placed next to the hood and discharging extinguishing agent sodium bicarbonate.



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