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China: Keep fire fighting in Tianjin

City officials in this port city in eastern China said in a press conference that know the type of explosive material stored in the tank of dangerous goods when the explosion caused the disaster took place .

At the site of the explosions had several hazardous chemical product, said Greenpeace , which warned that rain could spread hazardous substances in the water system

The Beijing News reported on its side , according to the manufacturers in the place had at least 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide .

Elements of this highly toxic substance were detected in sewage in the area, the newspaper said in artítculo published on Thursday and Friday removed from the website .

A team of 217 military experts , specialists in nuclear, bacteriological and chemical , began working at the site on Thursday, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The officers dispersed the residents who wanted to see the site of the blasts, stopping to take pictures. " Nothing to see here ," they said .

- "The government does not say anything " -

Friday , firefighters celebrated the rescue of one of its agents , 19 , who was trapped in the place where currently some 1,000 staff are working to quell the columns of smoke still rising above the city , heightening fears most chemical product can be released .

Authorities did not report whether the firefighter was part of the first group that came to control the accident or if it was a later contingent .

In a probing picture looks young on a stretcher , his eyes closed and spots on the face.

Firefighters were initially launched the site were " groping and searching " the area and when there was an explosion , said Zhou Tian , director of Tianjin headquarters fire .

"Firefighters are at the center of the explosions were unprepared," he added.

In a nearby office building, Liu Zongguang, a security guard 50, wore a surgical mask.

"I'm using this mask, because I saw some policemen using them, but I also saw some without masks. I do not know what to do," Liu said. "I'm afraid, but do not even know exactly what to be afraid. The government does not tell us anything about what we do to protect our families."

The People's Daily, the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party, said that the construction of this type of deposit in this industrial zone "clearly violated" safety standards.

According to Chinese regulations, deposits of hazardous materials must be placed at least one kilometer of inhabited areas and main roads.

In this case, two residential areas and several avenues were less than one kilometer, as well as two hospitals and a football field, said state media.

"Under normal conditions, the tank in question should have failed to pass all environmental controls," said the newspaper.



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