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Forest fires burned 3,102 hectares bathroom Quito

The Fire Department Quito (CBQ) introduced a latest report on the effects of forest fires in the Metropolitan District, during the current dry season this afternoon.

According to the institution count, 3,102 hectares (ha) were consumed by flames between pastures, grasses, shrubs and woodland. The commander of the body, Eber Arroyo, showed figures, according to which, this year there were 1,715 outbreaks of fire which affected 78.39 ha; 124 claims were level (134.62 ha); 59 were level 2 (295.69 ha) and more serious (level 3) were 18 affected 2,593.40 ha.

The most extensive forest fires recorded this season is to Puembo, where a total of 730 has been consumed. 702 Fire Department personnel worked every day to fight fires. 23 wounded and 3 died. The other relevant were: Cerro Ilaló (174 ha), Cruz Loma (33 ha), Cerro Auqui (60 ha), Faculty of Agronomy (95 ha), Lloa (49 ha), Quinche (115 ha), San José de Minas (225 ha) and Chiriboga (180 ha).

Juan Zapata, Municipal Security Secretary, confirmed that 15 people involved in the fire, were brought to justice, as the Cabildo placed 5 public complaints. He announced that this Thursday, March citizens were sentenced to six months in prison, plus a fine of 4 basic unified salaries, for causing the fire in the cable car sector. So it regretted that 100tanto por ciento of the fires was caused either intentionally or unintentionally. The institution hired Robert Rullan, arson investigator California (USA) to investigate the scourge of Puembo. As the consultant expected to send a detailed report on the case within 30 days, you. Puembo fire occurred on September 6, 2015, and the cause would be the intentional burning of garbage.

It was also reported that so far this year, the Fire Research Unit of the Fire Department has investigated 57 incidents of forest fire. And unfortunately 47tanto por ciento have been intentional. With regard to training and firefighter training, it reported that they are different, and according to places. For example, in Guayaquil, training is one month; in Cuenca, 3 months; in Chicago, they are five months; and Quito, is 9 months.



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