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Privacy Policy

In order to ensure and protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal data of our users, and therefore in order to protect their privacy and privacy ECUATEPI SA drafted in accordance with current legislation, this Privacy Policy. In its various sections to inform you about the collection and treatment "ECUATEPI corporation." Takes their personal data and we take all measures to ensure their protection.

Scope of Privacy Policy

In order to duly comply with current legislation, the terms of the Privacy Policy will apply to all the files owned by "ECUATEPI corporation." That is responsible for their treatment, as well as any equipment or information system that are concerned, are owned by "ECUATEPI corporation." or any third party that uses its account.

The terms contained in the Privacy Policy and, in particular, the duty of confidentiality, are mandatory for all staff recruited by "ECUATEPI corporation." And all those third parties who, under a contract, have access to the personal data and equipment or information systems "ECUATEPI corporation.".

Modification of Privacy Policy

"ECUATEPI corporation." Reserves the right to modify the contents of the Privacy Policy in order to adapt it to new legislation or jurisprudence, as well as arising from existing codes of conduct in the matter or, if for strategic corporate decisions.
If "ECUATEPI corporation." You will use your personal information differently to the provisions of the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of providing your information, make every effort to contact you by email and other data that you have provided us. However, if you have not given us permission to contact you, we will not. In any case, users of this change will be notified by placing a notice on the website of "ECUATEPI corporation.".

Questions, complaints or suggestions

For any questions, complaints or suggestions about this Privacy Policy or the processing of your data by "ECUATEPI corporation.", Please complete and submit our contact form. On the form you will be asked to indicate your name and email address. Forms may automatically transmit information about your browser, operating system, and has an ID of, all in order to serve you better. Your data will be used only to contact you about your comments if necessary. The information sent to us using the form is not stored or associated with other information that the company may have stored about you if you are a Registered User. In any case, the data you provide to us through the form to be used marketing campaigns.


In this Privacy Policy, "ECUATEPI corporation." Is responsible for the file.

The files in which they are incorporated, store and manage your data may be located within the European Economic Area or in the United States, depending, in each moment, the place where they are located servers that manage services " ECUATEPI corporation. ". Regardless of its location, the information contained in the data files of responsibility "ECUATEPI SA" will be treated at all times in accordance with the principles of confidentiality and data protection and compliance with current legislation on treatment personal data.

Aims of treatment

The personal data will be processed by "ECUATEPI corporation.". Unless expressly specified otherwise in the Services section of the company, the purpose of the collection and processing of personal data are:

1. The implementation and maintenance of any contractual relationship between "ECUATEPI corporation." And the user.

2. Execution, management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of services "ECUATEPI corporation." That were requested and / or used by users.

3.  Adequacy and Services Update "ECUATEPI corporation." To the preferences and tastes of the users, and the design of new services or additional services, as well as sending updates of existing services.

4. Dispatch general, technical, operational, advertising and promotion of products and / or services themselves and others.

5.  Conducting internal research on demographics, historical data, interests and behavior patterns of users in order to improve our products and services.

6. Allow "ECUATEPI corporation." Offer advertising and ads that are relevant to the interests of our users, both when visiting web sites Property Network "ECUATEPI corporation." As when visiting web sites Advertising Network "ECUATEPI corporation.".

If you do not wish to receive advertising and custom or off the Net Property classified "ECUATEPI corporation." You. You can opt out of this service option, by activating the exclusion mechanism.

Also, the purpose of the collection and processing of personal data also includes sending survey forms that the user is not obliged to answer. Specifically, occasionally, "ECUATEPI SA" can invite users to participate in studies, surveys and other research projects. The reason is to improve the design and functionality of our website, introduce new services and products and, in general, know what our users want and need. "ECUATEPI corporation." Also conducts studies based on data contained in our internal unlinked files.

Data Communications

"ECUATEPI corporation." Not marketed in any way the information from its users. Only collect or divulge your data to be shared with another company when you have consented to such transaction in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. If you do not want your data to be shared, you can choose not to use a particular service or not to participate in certain promotions or contests. Therefore, unless expressly determined otherwise or consents you, "ECUATEPI corporation." No communicate, assign or disclose personal data to any third party.
". ECUATEPI SA" only assign, communicate or disclose your personal information to its business partners, sponsors and / or other companies when: (1) you have expressly consented to such communication, transfer or disclosure is made, (2) such communication, transfer or disclosure is covered by existing legislation and / or (3) treatment corresponds to the free and legitimate acceptance of a legal relationship whose development, compliance and control necessarily involve the connection of said third treatment files.

"ECUATEPI corporation." May access your account information and communicate the same to the competent authorities as this would serve to identify, locate or bring legal action against you or others that could violate the Terms of Service "ECUATEPI Society Anonymous. ", damage or interfere (intentionally or unintentionally) the rights of" ECUATEPI corporation. "or property, other users or any third party who may be harmed by such activities or when it is covered by existing legislation


If you send us your intention to cancel your account, we will block your way as quickly as possible. Complete removal of your data may not be exercised for technical reasons to approximately ninety (90) days after receipt of your cancellation request. This is necessary to make the necessary verifications, in order to prevent users from deleting foreign accounts fraudulently.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, "ECUATEPI corporation." May maintain for a period exceeding the data that is necessary for legal reasons. This information will remain locked during the time prescribed by the applicable regulations.

It is also possible that the information we have collected about your account remains in the backup system after requesting removal. This could happen even when no information about your account in our database of active users. Notwithstanding the foregoing, your data will not be accessible, and can not be carried out any treatment with them.

Terms, Policy and Privacy


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